Film bucket list: Gia (1998)

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I often forget the name of a recommended film or am overwhelmed by options when I'm hunting at our video rental. So I've started a bucket list of all of the films I want to watch. Amusingly, the majority of the films on my list are drug related. So if anyone knows some fab comedy and light romance films let me know. Sometimes you just need a laugh.

Gia (1998) directed by Michael Cristofer, just happened to be first on my list. Now I am an absolute sucker for Angelina Jolie and think I came across a screenshot of her in it on Tumblr. That's all it took to suck me in haha. Luckily Ant also loves Ange so without finding out anything more, we watched it.

Now in the opening few frames it says something about a fashion model in the 80s. I instantly got excited, Ant groaned. Wow, were we in for a shock. I feel like fashion was the very last thing it was about. And not in a bad way. I mean the film was shocking and graphic but brilliant. It's been four days and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It's experimental with the filming which I really enjoyed but Ant found a bit weird.

I don't like to judge anything until I've seen it myself which is why I'm not giving anything away. Reviews often spoil the film. So if you have been intrigued by anything I've said, watch the film and learn about the legend or lie - Gia Marie Carangi.


P.S. If you have seen the film watch the clip and check out some of these photo's. Crazy!

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