LIFE UPDATE [October Last Year - Hardware Cafe]


Best thing I bought last year = Vintage Versace backpack off Etsy

I'm wearing a few RAD pieces (I need to do a blog post on RAD)

Not a great beach day..

Not cool to steal (MY) food, man.

So I obviously suck at updating my blog haha. I'm making an effort to get up a few posts of things I managed to photograph last year. I broke my lens so need to fix that before I can take anymore photo's. Or learn to use my 'new' film camera.

Hardware cafe in Titirangi is very nice, not that you can tell from my totes good shot. I took these in October last year when it was still coat weather.

Quick update:

  • I started a fair trade jewellery brand called RAD (www.radjewellery.co.nz) - will do a proper post on that soon
  • I bought a bloody nice ukulele
  • And a wicked film camera that I haven't touched since my first roll came out black. Need to read the manual.
  • I have started at Massey University - studying a business degree part time via correspondence. It's a bit stressful but hey.
  • I am saving and constantly planning for travel
  • I spend way too much on food + fun things + wearable things. This screws up my savings. And the viscous cycle continues.
  • I work part time for NZ shoe designer Kathryn Wilson which is epic.
  • I have taken a break from modelling and am starting to get back into it lol.

So yeah, a lil bit busy. But so much better than being bored.

WEARING: Vintage coat, vintage top, vintage levi jeans, Karen Walker sunnies, Chaos and Harmony shoes + RAD Jewellery