New Years Drive


Better late than never right? 

In NZ 'New Years' is essentially when you go away with all your friends to a festival or bach over the New Year period. We rented two baches in Ohope for the week, it's about 5 hours south of Auckland. We haven't all been together since school finished in 2012 as everyone's at Uni in a different part of the country, and I was never in NZ during Uni holidays. Besides the usual New Year's drama it was just so nice hanging with all my BFFL's again! And Ant was just down the road with his friends which was cool. I took my camera but being the ninny that I am (slash was just living in the moment), I only took photo's of the drive down to Ohope and back to Auckland... 

The drive is pretty sick though. Me and Ollie drove down in rainy weather and Rish drove us back in nice weather. 



Have a fab week my friends,


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