WATCH: Le grande bellezza (The Great Beauty)

This isn't really a review. I'm not going to give much away. It's just a movie I watched a little while ago at Rialto with my sister after dinner at Mexico. A combination I recommend by the way. 

I thought this movie was great! It's set among the 'high life' in Rome. I had no idea what to expect. It's an Italian subtitled movie and won some awards which was enough to convince us to see it haha. It touches on loads of really interesting concepts specifically related to artistic expression. I love when everything in a movie is meant to be in it. Whether it was a scene to build the character or to explain something significant later on. There is no 'telling' in the script which is a pet hate of mine. The acting is also superb, the main character is played by Toni Servillo, and it's directed by Paolo Sorrentino.

So yeah, go watch it. Hopefully it's still on at Rialto and you might be able to track it down if you're out of Auckland.

Also, I'm just going to post things I feel like posting haha. I enjoy updating this blog but I've been finding old ideas mundane lately so I'm swinging in a different direction. Who really knows where I'll go with this, I have no idea. 

Later skaters,
Dom xx


New Years Drive


Better late than never right? 

In NZ 'New Years' is essentially when you go away with all your friends to a festival or bach over the New Year period. We rented two baches in Ohope for the week, it's about 5 hours south of Auckland. We haven't all been together since school finished in 2012 as everyone's at Uni in a different part of the country, and I was never in NZ during Uni holidays. Besides the usual New Year's drama it was just so nice hanging with all my BFFL's again! And Ant was just down the road with his friends which was cool. I took my camera but being the ninny that I am (slash was just living in the moment), I only took photo's of the drive down to Ohope and back to Auckland... 

The drive is pretty sick though. Me and Ollie drove down in rainy weather and Rish drove us back in nice weather. 



Have a fab week my friends,




I'm really starting to miss this big city. I lived there for about 7 months but every day felt like a new exploration. Even in Auckland, which I know like the back of my hand, I'm discovering new things all the time. I lived in Bondi so it's safe to say I have barely been to outer regions of Sydney.

These are a few photos of Hyde park which I took my first week back in June last year. It's a fairly small park but it's in the middle of the CBD and I used to hang out there in between castings to read or have lunch all the time. There's also this really nice war memorial pool (which I might have photos of somewhere) which was nice to sit by as the weather warmed up. 

By the end of my stay i had made some really close friends and knew way more people which has made me quite attached to the place. Although I am loving being home for a little while. I'm not sure when I'm next going to be in Aus but no doubt I'll be back at least once this year.

In the meantime I'm going to keep planning where in going this year! I'm pretty excited but nothing will ever be set in stone until a flight is booked in this industry.

Peace and love,

P.S. Way more posts coming #soz, I've been busy!