"Simple Pleasures" Marie Claire Fashion Editorial

I'm in two of the October Marie Claire Australia editorials which is super cool! This is the second one we shot and the first time I've ever been on location for more than a day. We shot it near the Blue Mountains, so not far out of Sydney but because we were using natural light we had to be in hair and make up at about 5am. It was a super intense few days but loads of fun. Three models, hair stylist, make up artist, fashion editor and assistant, photographer and two assistants and a prop designer and assistant. Huge crew but the shots turned out great and everyone was so lovely. It was shot by Nicole Bentley which is rad as she's a top Australian photographer. 

We left on a Wednesday afternoon, shot Thursday and Friday and then went back to Sydney that afternoon. We all had separate rooms and stayed in a gorgeous old school resort, I was stoked haha. We shot in a historical town and in cornfields which was cool but so cold. I really feel the cold but didn't mind this time because MC take such good care of everyone; catering, blankets, heaters, tea's etc. Shoots with catering are the best ;).

I almost forgot that I also turned nineteen on that Friday(5th of July)! My mother agency rang me from NZ and sang me Happy Birthday while on set which was pretty cool haha. I also got a call from my Aussie agency,I have the best agencies, and obviously friends and family. I got dropped at the airport when we were back in Sydney because I flew to the Gold Coast that night to see my dad and my brother's family. I think I have some photo's so shall try and find them.

Anyway, pretty much this shoot was a fab time and the results are primo. 

Dom xx

P.S. Sorry about the quality of the scans haha.

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