Opera House

It's been a while since I've been on here. Soz cats. So how're things you ask? So good, I love Sydney! There's so much to do, it's a beautiful city and winter is an occasional rainy day haha. It's 23 degrees today. I'm wearing shorts. It's too hot to go outside right now. And people say I'm missing out on a Bondi summer. Yulia has gone back to Russia which sucks. And I have a new flat mate coming in tomorrow! I took these a couple of weeks back while wondering the city. The day after me and Yulia went and did the tourist thing around the Opera House but I only took my phone. I took most of these down at the harbour and a few in Hyde Park. So pretty! I was shivering after taking these photo's and the nearest/only coffee shop you could sit inside was a Guylian Chocolate Cafe. So expensive but so good! I had a chai latte and two chocolates. They were so delicious that I bought some as presents for my dad and sister. Not the usual supermarket Guylian chocolates which was cool. Work is still good, I'm just waiting for a lot of stuff to come out. Apparently we're about to get into 'busy season' so fingers crossed haha. At the moment I'm just trying to experience all of Sydney before it's too late!

Dom x


First Job

On my first day in Sydney I had a shoot in the afternoon and here is the result! There were two awesome shots but I really love this one. It's blurry, romantic and was a great way to start my stay here. Shot by Jamie Smalley. There was a great chilled out atmosphere on set, my favourite haha. I'll continue to upload work as it comes out, which will be a while for some of them.

Dom :)