Sydney Sunset

I'm finally in Sydney! It's so amazing and so intense. I had to get up at 4am NZ time to get a 7am flight, so yesterday was a long day. I got to Sydney at 8.30 Sydney time and was picked up by the owner of my Australian agency Chic, he's also called Dominique which is cool. I'm living in an amazing apartment in Bondi  Beach with another model from the Ukraine and the guy who owns it. I'm loving it; the other model is so lovely and the guy who owns it likes Game of Thrones which obviously means he's cool haha. I had half an hour to get settled before I was picked up by Chic's driver and taken to the agency to meet everyone. Next I was driven to three castings, a job in the afternoon, set up with a phone card and travel card. It was great, I was learnt loads about the city and am feeling pretty good about being here. My job finished at 5pm so I didn't get back to the apartment til it was dark. I took some photo's of the sunset as we finished the job. I went for a night time stroll around Bondi and found some dinner. And that was my first day haha. 


P.s. Some cool posts coming from my last week in Auckland too!

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  1. Wow, jetsetting girl! This is an amazing oppurtunity and it so cool that you're in a new city. Good luck with work