Mundane Monday

I've finally found my feet here in Sydney so expect way more posts. Last week was good with some work and lots of castings. I had a really good weekend with fab weather. Went out with my flatmates on Friday night which was totes cool. Saturday we went to a market with malt wine, got sushi and went to a nice pub in Rose Bay before finishing the night with movies at home, #partyinghard haha. On Sunday me and Yulia dropped by the Bondi Beach Sunday Market on our way to the wharf. I picked up this awesome sterling silver skull ring. I'm slowly building up my ring collection after they were all stolen when my house in NZ got burgled. We walked to the Opera House where Yulia got souvenirs  and then bused back home. We also stopped to have lunch in the Botanical gardens which was really cool! We ended up walking about 14km and were shattered. So worth it though. We recuperated at home before walking to the beach to watch the sun go down. I'll upload some of those photo's tomorrow. I also spoiled myself with this great little navy Michael Kors bag last week. I had nothing on today, just got some grocery's, took these photo's and worked on Rad a little.

Dom :)

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