These photo's are from the Sunday before I left. Me and Ollie came back on the ferry and met two of our best friends, my mum and my sister at this cool little dessert boutique in Britomart called Milse's. It's very cramped and small so I don't recommend going in there with large bags like we did haha. It's really yummy but their cakes are more cream than sponge which I don't like. I recommend their gelato sticks. It was really lovely seeing some of my fav people before I left. A little bit sad too. Sunday night was filled with Ollie and Ant helping/packing my bags for me ;). It's crazy trying to pack up your life in a suitcase. I even paid for two cases and a carry on, and still left things behind! Oops... The move has been really cool. I've been super busy with castings and work which is great. Sydney is so expensive though! Especially when you move out of home and have to pay for a lot of things you took for granted such as cooking oil (even though I've been using Yulia's). I'm still setting up the business over here but things should be up and running in no time!

Dom x

P.S. I seriously love the top picture because you can see my mum and sister waiting for me, as usual, and one of my best friends attempting a photo bomb haha.

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