Sunny Daze

I've been getting Rad As Bro oragnised this week. Lots of jewellery in the works and have shot some new vintage clothes I need to add to the website. Will be shooting the rest tomorrow so get ya wallets ready ;). I shot for glassons online yesterday and just popped by the agency today to talk travel woohoo. Wearing the usual, green. I think my obsession with green comes with living in a forest. I also love brown leather. And together they almost make a tree. What do you guys think of this new necklace? I think I'm going to call it Under The Sea, or something to do with Patrick off Spongebob. Or maybe something out of The Little Mermaid. Anyway, was such nice weather today! Not a cloud in sight. No idea why my cat (called Kitten) decided to sleep inside on our washing. Go out and play child. 

Dom xx


  1. You are gorgeous! It must be exciting to be a model! I started and got scouted but I might start when I'm 18. Anyway I really love this outfit especially the shorts. Super cute! I have a new blog if you wanted to check it out I'd be very glad. Enjoy Auckland!
    Lovely Greets from Blessing in Canada

    1. Aw thank you! It's a cool industry but very small in NZ so will be way more exciting when I get overseas. I only started going hard now that I've finished school, so 18 is a fine age to start. You can always start modelling earlier and decide how much you want to do though. Will check it out! x

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  3. Oh thanks! I noticed you checked my blog out! Did you like it? That's so exciting, is this something you want to keep doing?

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