Stormy Casting

Yesterday I worked for my parents all morning and then popped by the agency and had a casting. I also managed to fit in some thrifting while running errands. These are just two of some rad pieces I picked up. Get excited! Anyway, the weather was hideous. I looked like a drowned rat with frizzy oily hair the entire day haha. I wore my idea of a model 'uniform'; black skinny jeans and a 'plain' t-shirt. Shoes are where you can always have fun. I'm definitely a shoe person. When I was in the agency they gave me two tickets to this Hallensteins party where Will I Am performed. It was pretty crazy, such a small club, absolutely packed and casually there was Will I Am. I dragged Ant along even though he was sick, soz. Hopefully I'll find some pictures of what I wore and put them up later, didn't manage to get any myself. 

Fingers crossed the weather improves.
Dom xx

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