Sick Sydney Sick

I'm sick at the moment so I apologize for the lack of posts. Last week was super busy with work and saving which is always good. I've had an intense weekend as well. On Friday I found out that I'm flying to Sydney to model for a few months next Monday which is so exciting! I've booked my tickets and am trying to get sorted this week while working. I also started to get sick on Friday, lack of sleep I think. I took Rad As Bro to a market Saturday morning and then was just sick in bed for the rest of the day. On Sunday I watched some Water Polo and went bush walking - trying to spend time everyone before I go while doing things I know I'll miss. The walk made me feel a bit better but I'm still a little feverish today. 

Anyway, this is what I wore pretty much the whole weekend haha. I was too lazy and sick to attempt new outfits. I'm going to attempt to take my store to Australia and see if I can keep it going but I'll just play it by ear. 

I thought I'd add some photo's I took a few weeks ago, when I bought this coat on K Road and escaped the rain at this fab cafe. It's in the back of the arcade and has a really cosy atmosphere. My agent/friend introduced it to me a while ago. My friend Ren made the little collage at the end when she was bored at my house haha. Weird but I like it. 

Hope you are all having a splendid day!

P.S. For all you kiwi's: Catch loads of Rad As Bro's vintage clothes on SALE for two more days on Trade Me here (way more to be added)

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