Vintage Wool Coat - Vintage Green Cardigan - Vintage 80s Dress - Vintage Leather Belt - Rad As Bro Necklace - Boots from somewhere in Australia

Today was nice and easy, just one casting where I had to wear a white dress. I've been shattered lately and suffered from Mondayitis ,as my agency called it, because I was late. Oops, won't do it again. I did some house painting for my parents and worked on my business for the rest of the day. Shot these pictures at our local park when I picked up my sister. This is where I usually go for runs, it's pretty swell. I'm obsessed with this 'new' vintage coat I found on K Road for just $20. Stoked. Other than the necklace, I've had the rest for ages. Love a bit of Disney haha. Didn't manage to take any photo's in the weekend so will have to make more of an effort this week, soz cats. 

Dom : )

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  1. This dress is really pretty on you, love the colors. Yes, that coat is obsession-worthy, love it. And for a bargain too! Jealous. Nothing like that here in Canada. I hope to see some more posts later!
    Well, cheers! :) xox
    Blessing at