Auckland Weather


I seem to talk a lot about weather but I reckon it seriously affects your mood/emotions/day. The weather in Auckland is horrible at the moment. Howling winds, rain, cold, rain, fog and more rain. Although I had a pretty good day. Had a small fashion show day thing which was cool because I got to meet some models I hadn't meet before and catch up with some I've known for ages. Hence why I'm wearing make-up and my hair's done haha. This is what I wore. Plus a sweater. It's almost 'cover up the legs' weather. Well it already is. Anyway, I've been working loads on the store this week so haven't done much else. Two of my fav gals flew up from uni this weekend which was so nice. But they left today :(.

Hope you all had fab weekends!
Dom xx

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  1. This is a really cute outfit,I'm really enjoying your skirt and shoes! You look really pretty! Bye Dom!