Sick Sydney Sick

I'm sick at the moment so I apologize for the lack of posts. Last week was super busy with work and saving which is always good. I've had an intense weekend as well. On Friday I found out that I'm flying to Sydney to model for a few months next Monday which is so exciting! I've booked my tickets and am trying to get sorted this week while working. I also started to get sick on Friday, lack of sleep I think. I took Rad As Bro to a market Saturday morning and then was just sick in bed for the rest of the day. On Sunday I watched some Water Polo and went bush walking - trying to spend time everyone before I go while doing things I know I'll miss. The walk made me feel a bit better but I'm still a little feverish today. 

Anyway, this is what I wore pretty much the whole weekend haha. I was too lazy and sick to attempt new outfits. I'm going to attempt to take my store to Australia and see if I can keep it going but I'll just play it by ear. 

I thought I'd add some photo's I took a few weeks ago, when I bought this coat on K Road and escaped the rain at this fab cafe. It's in the back of the arcade and has a really cosy atmosphere. My agent/friend introduced it to me a while ago. My friend Ren made the little collage at the end when she was bored at my house haha. Weird but I like it. 

Hope you are all having a splendid day!

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Vintage Wool Coat - Vintage Green Cardigan - Vintage 80s Dress - Vintage Leather Belt - Rad As Bro Necklace - Boots from somewhere in Australia

Today was nice and easy, just one casting where I had to wear a white dress. I've been shattered lately and suffered from Mondayitis ,as my agency called it, because I was late. Oops, won't do it again. I did some house painting for my parents and worked on my business for the rest of the day. Shot these pictures at our local park when I picked up my sister. This is where I usually go for runs, it's pretty swell. I'm obsessed with this 'new' vintage coat I found on K Road for just $20. Stoked. Other than the necklace, I've had the rest for ages. Love a bit of Disney haha. Didn't manage to take any photo's in the weekend so will have to make more of an effort this week, soz cats. 

Dom : )


Sunny Skies Over Auckland

We had the most amazing weather over the weekend/yesterday! It was still quite nippy but blue skies all round. Mondays are always quite lazy days modelling in NZ. I had one casting which was good and then just worked for my parents and ran errands. I'm still loving this crop top/all crop tops and have been dying for good weather to wear my new shoes! I'm meant to be saving all my money but I've had these on secret layby so they don't count ;). I know we're going into winter but I've been pining for these babies since before last summer and they'll be amazing when the weather warms up again. Plus I can wear socks with them haha. I also love Windsor Smith's chunky white sandals. But they can wait. I shot Glassons online again today which is always good fun. We shot some hilarious mock T-Shirts that I seriously need. Looking forward to seeing the photo's.



Freaky Friday

Friday was a pretty relaxed day. I had glassons online which is always fun. I got to do it with another model on Tuesday and Friday which means lots of rest haha. I also got to meet two models I hadn't met before which is cool. I wore this during the day and was too lazy to get changed, so wore it that night as well (minus the beanie). I love that about 90s style, you can wear it any time of the day. I've been working heaps for my parents as they've been away. We shot these on the driveway next door that we had to clean up, and some pictures of their view. Finally a nice day. Apparently it's going to crap again soon. Rah. Oh well. 


P.S. My hair is back to normal. What do ya think? Nice and dark, just the way I like it.


Stormy Casting

Yesterday I worked for my parents all morning and then popped by the agency and had a casting. I also managed to fit in some thrifting while running errands. These are just two of some rad pieces I picked up. Get excited! Anyway, the weather was hideous. I looked like a drowned rat with frizzy oily hair the entire day haha. I wore my idea of a model 'uniform'; black skinny jeans and a 'plain' t-shirt. Shoes are where you can always have fun. I'm definitely a shoe person. When I was in the agency they gave me two tickets to this Hallensteins party where Will I Am performed. It was pretty crazy, such a small club, absolutely packed and casually there was Will I Am. I dragged Ant along even though he was sick, soz. Hopefully I'll find some pictures of what I wore and put them up later, didn't manage to get any myself. 

Fingers crossed the weather improves.
Dom xx


Auckland Weather


I seem to talk a lot about weather but I reckon it seriously affects your mood/emotions/day. The weather in Auckland is horrible at the moment. Howling winds, rain, cold, rain, fog and more rain. Although I had a pretty good day. Had a small fashion show day thing which was cool because I got to meet some models I hadn't meet before and catch up with some I've known for ages. Hence why I'm wearing make-up and my hair's done haha. This is what I wore. Plus a sweater. It's almost 'cover up the legs' weather. Well it already is. Anyway, I've been working loads on the store this week so haven't done much else. Two of my fav gals flew up from uni this weekend which was so nice. But they left today :(.

Hope you all had fab weekends!
Dom xx


Stephen Marr Makeover

So this is what happened with my hair.  Quite a dramatic change when you see the before and after pics haha. I'm loving copper but do pine for my old colour.

Check out the article here

Dom xx


Sunny Daze

I've been getting Rad As Bro oragnised this week. Lots of jewellery in the works and have shot some new vintage clothes I need to add to the website. Will be shooting the rest tomorrow so get ya wallets ready ;). I shot for glassons online yesterday and just popped by the agency today to talk travel woohoo. Wearing the usual, green. I think my obsession with green comes with living in a forest. I also love brown leather. And together they almost make a tree. What do you guys think of this new necklace? I think I'm going to call it Under The Sea, or something to do with Patrick off Spongebob. Or maybe something out of The Little Mermaid. Anyway, was such nice weather today! Not a cloud in sight. No idea why my cat (called Kitten) decided to sleep inside on our washing. Go out and play child. 

Dom xx