Sunday Funday

It's been a pretty chilled weekend which is always nice. We had some family up for a roast today. My aunt cooked, it was so good. She also brought us all these feijoas! I freaking love feijoas. If any of you know the Bennetts chocolate line from Maungawhai; the feijoa one is ridiculously good. Try it. I'm also obsessed with these dungarees. I've worn them three times this week. Whoops. They're just so comfy and make me feel like a big kid in the 90s. Such swag. I legitimately put the second picture in here because I wanted to show off my nails. I don't paint them often haha. I've also been making lots of jewellery. What do you think of the fangs and mickey mouse ears? I've got some other stuff in the works as well so get excited!

Dom xx


  1. Super cool outfit, dungarees are so big atm! Especially love that your nails and lips match :)
    Awesome finding other NZ bloggers, i love reading your blog, its very 'kiwi' haha, love it :D


    1. Aw thank you! Yes, hardly any kiwi bloggers. Will check out your blog now x