Rain Dance

On Tuesday I just had one casting in the city. The weather has been horrible but luckily cleared up today. Anyway, was uber bored when I got home and wanted to play with my new camera. Here are some of the results. I kinda like the low light graininess. If you haven't noticed, I live in a forest. It's actually quite enjoyable living away from the city. This is what I wore to the casting, usually I just wear skinny jeans and a singlet. But that gets boring, really fast haha. I just felt like dancing on a rainy, boring day. And full skirts are obviously the best for it.

Dom xx

P.s. I made/sell the mustache necklace. You should buy it ;)


  1. This is my favourite post yet!

  2. keep up the good work. it's always cool to see what innovative thing you'll do next x