Vietnamese Tonight

Vintage Denim Jacket - Vintage T-Shirt - Huffer Skirt - Vintage Bag - Jeffrey Campbell Shoes - Huffer Beanie

Me and my babeing sister cbf'd cooking again the other night. The weather was still terrible which made going out much more exciting; were we going to soaked or would we survive?! We survived, just in case you weren't sure. Hah. Anyway, we got this amazing Vietnamese food from Saigonz near the wharf. I got summer rolls and Soph got a chicken salad. They have a green cyber lights/stone table set up which is random but cool. To warm ourselves up we went to the Chocolate Boutique in Parnell afterwards. Check out Soph's ridiculously thick hot chocolate! I just got a spicy chai latte, which was so good but lame to photograph. The photo's are in chronological order, just in case you get confused ;) .I'm suddenly obsessed with making GIF's. There will be many more to come. Sorry. We used to live in Michigan, so I LOVE this t-shirt. It says 'Michigan State' (if you can't tell) and I found it in a small town's op shop in NZ. So good.

Dom xx

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