Grocery Shopping

Vintage Shirt - Vintage Jumper - Ruby Jeans - Jeffrey Campbell Shoes - Karen Walker Sunglasses - Vintage Bag - Rad As Bro Necklace

Yesterday was a Sunday. Sunday is a lazy day. I slept in and lost all sense of time. My favourite type of day. I bought a muffin for the first time at Muffin Break. It was good. They make good hot chocolates too. My parents are in Europe and my sister and I are barely surviving haha. All of our food is expiring and the house is a mess. Just kidding Mum, it's spotless. I convinced Ant to come grocery shopping with me; "as long as I get to push the trolley". He took these pictures of me in the classiest mall car park. He was wearing a shark tooth necklace I got him from Fiji last year, totes cute. And then I did nothing for the rest of the day. 

Dom xx


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