'Born Again Blog'

I would be lying if I said this was my first blog post ever. I made a feeble attempt at a personal style blog roughly a year ago when I had too much free time; during my summer holiday. This is officially my first post on this new blog. I don't really know what I'm trying to achieve by having a blog. Ultimately it's something I can put my time and effort into, and hopefully a way my friends and family can keep up with me. I guess you could say this is a personal blog, soon to be travel blog and little bit of a style blog. What I wear is one way I express myself, so it will probably become an integral part of this blog. I'm still figuring it out but join me for what should be an interesting journey. 

This is what I wore yesterday. I had lunch with the girls, took these shots with my fab friend Rish, went to another friends leaving dinner and then finally to a 21st. It was a good day. I did feel weird walking around town with a backpack but whatevs, alty cat 101. 

I am obsessed with these shoes. They're Jeffrey Campbell Venice Hi in forest green. So ridiculously comfy. I love green stuff. That's an understatement. I have a problem. GREEN, GREEN, GREEN! 

This is my friend Rish after lunch. She'll appreciate this photo ;)

On a side note this is my favourite necklace at the moment. I made it, I also sell some in my store Rad As Bro. I call it Suave, there's just something sassy about a name like Suave. 

Jacket Vintage - Top Glassons - Jeans Vintage - Shoes Jeffrey Campbell - Sunglasses Karen Walker - Bag Vintage - Necklace Rad As Bro - Rings Random Assortment

Any feedback would be appreciated!
Dom xx


  1. I love your green shoes!

  2. I love how everything on your blog is green so far! will look forward to seeing more from you :)



  3. hay, its me!
    Awesome outfit,really love how youve tied in the green it all goes together so well! Ive now checked out your shop!soo cute, you're really talented. I really appreciative peoples hand-made things because I know someone has put a lot of time into making them! And with that I will say the same to you, keep it up!! I look forward to your future posts :)


    1. Thank you! You're so kind! I look forward to yours aswell! Go the kiwi's haha :) x

  4. YOU ARE SO HAAAWWWT! Good to see you the other night (when you were wearing this exact outfit actually!)

    1. Haha thanks babes! Yah, I took these pics before going to ze dinner haha. Great to see you and the gals too!

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