Sunday Funday

It's been a pretty chilled weekend which is always nice. We had some family up for a roast today. My aunt cooked, it was so good. She also brought us all these feijoas! I freaking love feijoas. If any of you know the Bennetts chocolate line from Maungawhai; the feijoa one is ridiculously good. Try it. I'm also obsessed with these dungarees. I've worn them three times this week. Whoops. They're just so comfy and make me feel like a big kid in the 90s. Such swag. I legitimately put the second picture in here because I wanted to show off my nails. I don't paint them often haha. I've also been making lots of jewellery. What do you think of the fangs and mickey mouse ears? I've got some other stuff in the works as well so get excited!

Dom xx


Just Chilling

Yesterday my best friend came over and chilled. It was nice, we just enjoyed the view/weather and ate bad food. Whoops. Guess who's going for a long run today? Anyway, she goes back down to Wellington on Sunday which sucks. But doesn't suck because she's at drama school which is actually awesome haha. We tried to take some outfit shots but they failed. So anyway, what's your favourite pick'n'mix lollie? Mines Jersey Caramels. Yum.

Dom xx


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Vintage Batman Shirt - Vintage Cardigan - Vintage Skirt - Vintage Belt - DIY Collar - Jeffrey Campbell Shoes - Glassons Socks - Unknown SS Elephant Ring

My sister finished her mid-semester exams on Friday so we thought we'd have a little celebration yesterday. We both slept in til midday. I LOVE Sundays mainly for sleep. Soph's been dying to take me to this adorable cupcake shop in Te Atatu called Miss Melicious. They have all these crazy flavours that are incredible. My fav was called Aloha which was coconut and mango. Try it. I then dragged Soph to the best pizza place ever. Il Buco in Ponsonby. They make traditional Italian hot chocolates as well, which are small, heavy and rich. The best. I recommend the camarelised onions, asparagus and brie pizza, it's to die for. We went browsing the shops and I picked up this adorable sterling silver elephant ring from a small jewellery boutique. I love elephants, seriously. We ended up at the Rialto watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower with pick and mix's from the Chocolate Boutique. Such a freaking good movie. You can't explain it, you just have to see it. 

Hope y'all had rad weekends,
Dom xx


Rear View Mirror

Vintage Jacket - Vintage Sweater - Glassons Shirt - Ruby Jeans - Ruby boots - Rad As Bro Necklace

I wore this outfit yesterday. And Friday. Solely because I'm lazy haha. I get a shock every time I look in the mirror, this red hair be crazy! We took this pictures after watching some students at my old school perform Shakespeare. They all did so well and two groups have made it through to the national competition in Wellington which is awesome! I made another GIF just cos. It's how I dance in the clubs ;). I took some not so sneaky pics of my babeing best friend. She flew back from her drama school in Wellington yesterday morning. She's only here for a week, "Baby come back to me, in my heart you'll always be...".

Dom xx


Red Hair

Totes cute selfie, I know ;). I had my hair dyed copper for a job today. Will post the shots when they come out next week. I really like it! It probably won't be staying, maybe a week or two. But I'll be enjoying every second.

Dom xx

Vietnamese Tonight

Vintage Denim Jacket - Vintage T-Shirt - Huffer Skirt - Vintage Bag - Jeffrey Campbell Shoes - Huffer Beanie

Me and my babeing sister cbf'd cooking again the other night. The weather was still terrible which made going out much more exciting; were we going to soaked or would we survive?! We survived, just in case you weren't sure. Hah. Anyway, we got this amazing Vietnamese food from Saigonz near the wharf. I got summer rolls and Soph got a chicken salad. They have a green cyber lights/stone table set up which is random but cool. To warm ourselves up we went to the Chocolate Boutique in Parnell afterwards. Check out Soph's ridiculously thick hot chocolate! I just got a spicy chai latte, which was so good but lame to photograph. The photo's are in chronological order, just in case you get confused ;) .I'm suddenly obsessed with making GIF's. There will be many more to come. Sorry. We used to live in Michigan, so I LOVE this t-shirt. It says 'Michigan State' (if you can't tell) and I found it in a small town's op shop in NZ. So good.

Dom xx


Rain Dance

On Tuesday I just had one casting in the city. The weather has been horrible but luckily cleared up today. Anyway, was uber bored when I got home and wanted to play with my new camera. Here are some of the results. I kinda like the low light graininess. If you haven't noticed, I live in a forest. It's actually quite enjoyable living away from the city. This is what I wore to the casting, usually I just wear skinny jeans and a singlet. But that gets boring, really fast haha. I just felt like dancing on a rainy, boring day. And full skirts are obviously the best for it.

Dom xx

P.s. I made/sell the mustache necklace. You should buy it ;)


Great North - To Leave Someone

We filmed this amazing music video a couple of weeks ago. It was such a great environment to be in! My goal/dream is to get into acting and this was a really cool experience to be on set and learn more about film. Film is much more subtle and pedantic (space wise) than theatre which is very interesting. The song is also awesome, an added bonus ;). Great North is an up and coming New Zealand folk band! You guys should totally check them out at www.greatnorth.bandcamp.com and www.facebook.com/greatnorthmusic. Also big ups to the directors Ralph Mathews and Claire Littler, they did such an amazing job!

Dom xx


Late Night Takeaways

Soph went to make Spaghetti Bolognese last night and then realised we forgot to take the meat out of the freezer. It's the simple things you miss when your parents are away. Takeaways it was. I got sushi, she got Burgerfuel. They make the best kumara fries. I've been shooting lots of Glassons online, which is great because they are all so nice AND feed you. However, I want so much of their stuff. And my wallets all 'yeah nah'. I've been stocking up anyway. These dungarees are AMAZING. They are so comfy and flattering (surprisingly) and look so good with a turtleneck. And the turtlenecks are merino! What more could you want? It was the worst weather in a while last night - hence my get up. I'll stop wearing these shoes soon... ;)

Dom xx


Grocery Shopping

Vintage Shirt - Vintage Jumper - Ruby Jeans - Jeffrey Campbell Shoes - Karen Walker Sunglasses - Vintage Bag - Rad As Bro Necklace

Yesterday was a Sunday. Sunday is a lazy day. I slept in and lost all sense of time. My favourite type of day. I bought a muffin for the first time at Muffin Break. It was good. They make good hot chocolates too. My parents are in Europe and my sister and I are barely surviving haha. All of our food is expiring and the house is a mess. Just kidding Mum, it's spotless. I convinced Ant to come grocery shopping with me; "as long as I get to push the trolley". He took these pictures of me in the classiest mall car park. He was wearing a shark tooth necklace I got him from Fiji last year, totes cute. And then I did nothing for the rest of the day. 

Dom xx


'Born Again Blog'

I would be lying if I said this was my first blog post ever. I made a feeble attempt at a personal style blog roughly a year ago when I had too much free time; during my summer holiday. This is officially my first post on this new blog. I don't really know what I'm trying to achieve by having a blog. Ultimately it's something I can put my time and effort into, and hopefully a way my friends and family can keep up with me. I guess you could say this is a personal blog, soon to be travel blog and little bit of a style blog. What I wear is one way I express myself, so it will probably become an integral part of this blog. I'm still figuring it out but join me for what should be an interesting journey. 

This is what I wore yesterday. I had lunch with the girls, took these shots with my fab friend Rish, went to another friends leaving dinner and then finally to a 21st. It was a good day. I did feel weird walking around town with a backpack but whatevs, alty cat 101. 

I am obsessed with these shoes. They're Jeffrey Campbell Venice Hi in forest green. So ridiculously comfy. I love green stuff. That's an understatement. I have a problem. GREEN, GREEN, GREEN! 

This is my friend Rish after lunch. She'll appreciate this photo ;)

On a side note this is my favourite necklace at the moment. I made it, I also sell some in my store Rad As Bro. I call it Suave, there's just something sassy about a name like Suave. 

Jacket Vintage - Top Glassons - Jeans Vintage - Shoes Jeffrey Campbell - Sunglasses Karen Walker - Bag Vintage - Necklace Rad As Bro - Rings Random Assortment

Any feedback would be appreciated!
Dom xx