So I discovered this hilarious YouTube series last week while I was bored at home. There are two seasons and I watched both back to back. Which sounds bad but the episodes are only a couple of minutes long so they hardly count. Within the few minutes each episode is filled with hilarious fashion related gags. I was in stitches. Watch both seasons. You won't regret it. Trust me. I also spotted kiwi model Chloe Price in one of the episodes which is super cool. 

Dom x

P.S. Sorry I couldn't get it to fit properly #amateur

P.P.S I'm back in Sydney!!


"Simple Pleasures" Marie Claire Fashion Editorial

I'm in two of the October Marie Claire Australia editorials which is super cool! This is the second one we shot and the first time I've ever been on location for more than a day. We shot it near the Blue Mountains, so not far out of Sydney but because we were using natural light we had to be in hair and make up at about 5am. It was a super intense few days but loads of fun. Three models, hair stylist, make up artist, fashion editor and assistant, photographer and two assistants and a prop designer and assistant. Huge crew but the shots turned out great and everyone was so lovely. It was shot by Nicole Bentley which is rad as she's a top Australian photographer. 

We left on a Wednesday afternoon, shot Thursday and Friday and then went back to Sydney that afternoon. We all had separate rooms and stayed in a gorgeous old school resort, I was stoked haha. We shot in a historical town and in cornfields which was cool but so cold. I really feel the cold but didn't mind this time because MC take such good care of everyone; catering, blankets, heaters, tea's etc. Shoots with catering are the best ;).

I almost forgot that I also turned nineteen on that Friday(5th of July)! My mother agency rang me from NZ and sang me Happy Birthday while on set which was pretty cool haha. I also got a call from my Aussie agency,I have the best agencies, and obviously friends and family. I got dropped at the airport when we were back in Sydney because I flew to the Gold Coast that night to see my dad and my brother's family. I think I have some photo's so shall try and find them.

Anyway, pretty much this shoot was a fab time and the results are primo. 

Dom xx

P.S. Sorry about the quality of the scans haha.


Name change!

Quick update, after much consideration I've decided to change the name of this blog and separate my personal stuff from Rad As Bro. I've already done the same with tumblr and instagram, radasbro.tumblr.com and dominiquebela.tumblr.com. I would have liked a name a bit more creative than 'dominiquebela' but I had already made it that on other social platforms so figured I should stay consistent haha. I'll be redoing the theme over the next week so please bear with me. I think I'll name the blog Dom by Dominique Bela or something along those lines. It's just more 'me'. 

Catch ya later skater x

P.s. A sunset I captured from my home in Auckland in May this year. 


Hiatus Averted

If I believed in violence I would have given myself a slap on the wrist for neglecting this blog. Luckily for my wrist, I don't. But I included the photo above to make up for it. This was my first ever polaroid, that my sister took, which I sent to my fab mother agency (62 Models) before signing with them. How old do you think I look? My just turned fifteen year old self didn't pluck her eyebrows and hoped to be signed with overseas agencies within the year lol. In reality I didn't garner overseas interest until I was in my last year of high school.

I've neglected this blog because I don't really know what to do with it. I enjoy having it and attempting to keep people up to date haha. But I think I'm moving away from personal style posts, although I love fashion so I may incorporate it somewhere. I finc in Sydney I just keep taking photo's of the amazing sunsets rather than of stuff to put up here. What I'm trying to say is I have no idea what type of content I'll be posting from now on. It'll just be about my life and maybe a few more things. But hopefully you enjoy it ;).

So anyway, what have I been up to you ask! Well I'm currently home in NZ for three weeks and am loving it. I was only meant to come for two and then go back to Sydney but I lurve my people here too much. I fly back to Sydney on the 13th where I'll probably stay until the end of the year. It's a pretty fab place to model in terms of lifestyle i.e. I can actually live off modelling, get savings and have some fun times. Plus Bondi Beach in summer, who could say no?

Work has been great over there, I've had a balance of editorials and shows along with online stores and catalogs. Most of my editorials have come out now so I'll upload them when I can! I've moved out of the model apartment to a place just down the road seeing as I don't need a visa like most internationals weehoo. Being a Kiwi in Aus is rad. So yeah, living away from home has been a huge learning experience and I'm excited to go back and get into it. I'll fill in more gaps as I upload my new shots!

Dom xx


Opera House

It's been a while since I've been on here. Soz cats. So how're things you ask? So good, I love Sydney! There's so much to do, it's a beautiful city and winter is an occasional rainy day haha. It's 23 degrees today. I'm wearing shorts. It's too hot to go outside right now. And people say I'm missing out on a Bondi summer. Yulia has gone back to Russia which sucks. And I have a new flat mate coming in tomorrow! I took these a couple of weeks back while wondering the city. The day after me and Yulia went and did the tourist thing around the Opera House but I only took my phone. I took most of these down at the harbour and a few in Hyde Park. So pretty! I was shivering after taking these photo's and the nearest/only coffee shop you could sit inside was a Guylian Chocolate Cafe. So expensive but so good! I had a chai latte and two chocolates. They were so delicious that I bought some as presents for my dad and sister. Not the usual supermarket Guylian chocolates which was cool. Work is still good, I'm just waiting for a lot of stuff to come out. Apparently we're about to get into 'busy season' so fingers crossed haha. At the moment I'm just trying to experience all of Sydney before it's too late!

Dom x


First Job

On my first day in Sydney I had a shoot in the afternoon and here is the result! There were two awesome shots but I really love this one. It's blurry, romantic and was a great way to start my stay here. Shot by Jamie Smalley. There was a great chilled out atmosphere on set, my favourite haha. I'll continue to upload work as it comes out, which will be a while for some of them.

Dom :)


Beach Afternoon

I took these shots about two weeks ago when me and Yulia got home after a day in the city. We felt like going down to the beach just to relax and reap the benefits of living so close to Bondi! I've been here for four weeks and it still hasn't set in that I'm living in one of the most coveted places in Sydney. I do remember it being super cold and windy though. But with this weather, who cares? It's raining and sad in Sydney at the moment but this week is set to be sunny so get ready for some fresher photos! I have finally got around to getting some posts ready for this week. I took a lot of shots the first few weeks that I haven't blogged yet. I've been too lazy to carry my camera around lately, especially with the bad weather. I am still loving my time in Sydney with lots of work and castings. I'm dying to tell everyone about the shoots I've been doing but have to keep my mouth shut for now. One of my shoots have come out so I'll post that tomorrow. I had an awesome shoot with Marie Claire on Thursday and Friday (they posted us on Instagram so presume I can tell you guys haha) and met this really cool kiwi model called Sophie. Modelling is a crazy industry that I can never wrap my head around but I love that you meet all of these interesting people by being chucked together for a day or two. 

Dom x

P.s. I am much better at posting on Instagram (@radasbro) and am currently uploading photo's to my Tumblr (radasbro.tumblr.com). Follow them for more regular updates.


Mundane Monday

I've finally found my feet here in Sydney so expect way more posts. Last week was good with some work and lots of castings. I had a really good weekend with fab weather. Went out with my flatmates on Friday night which was totes cool. Saturday we went to a market with malt wine, got sushi and went to a nice pub in Rose Bay before finishing the night with movies at home, #partyinghard haha. On Sunday me and Yulia dropped by the Bondi Beach Sunday Market on our way to the wharf. I picked up this awesome sterling silver skull ring. I'm slowly building up my ring collection after they were all stolen when my house in NZ got burgled. We walked to the Opera House where Yulia got souvenirs  and then bused back home. We also stopped to have lunch in the Botanical gardens which was really cool! We ended up walking about 14km and were shattered. So worth it though. We recuperated at home before walking to the beach to watch the sun go down. I'll upload some of those photo's tomorrow. I also spoiled myself with this great little navy Michael Kors bag last week. I had nothing on today, just got some grocery's, took these photo's and worked on Rad a little.

Dom :)



These photo's are from the Sunday before I left. Me and Ollie came back on the ferry and met two of our best friends, my mum and my sister at this cool little dessert boutique in Britomart called Milse's. It's very cramped and small so I don't recommend going in there with large bags like we did haha. It's really yummy but their cakes are more cream than sponge which I don't like. I recommend their gelato sticks. It was really lovely seeing some of my fav people before I left. A little bit sad too. Sunday night was filled with Ollie and Ant helping/packing my bags for me ;). It's crazy trying to pack up your life in a suitcase. I even paid for two cases and a carry on, and still left things behind! Oops... The move has been really cool. I've been super busy with castings and work which is great. Sydney is so expensive though! Especially when you move out of home and have to pay for a lot of things you took for granted such as cooking oil (even though I've been using Yulia's). I'm still setting up the business over here but things should be up and running in no time!

Dom x

P.S. I seriously love the top picture because you can see my mum and sister waiting for me, as usual, and one of my best friends attempting a photo bomb haha.


Waiheke Weekend

The weekend before I moved to Sydney I spent an amazing weekend at my best friends mum's house on Waiheke Island. Waiheke is about a 45 minute ferry ride out of Auckland. It is seriously beautiful and surprisingly we had amazing weather while Auckland was raining. These photo's are from the first day. My best friend, Ollie, flew up from her drama school in Wellington so it was an amazing way to spend my last few days. Glassons gave me this hilarious 'Glersace' t-shirt and I misplaced it for a few days so this was my first chance to wear it. Black tee's are the best. Especially when they're almost Versace ;). I'm pressed for time but have loads of posts coming, including updates about Sydney, so hang tight.

Dom x


Sydney Sunset

I'm finally in Sydney! It's so amazing and so intense. I had to get up at 4am NZ time to get a 7am flight, so yesterday was a long day. I got to Sydney at 8.30 Sydney time and was picked up by the owner of my Australian agency Chic, he's also called Dominique which is cool. I'm living in an amazing apartment in Bondi  Beach with another model from the Ukraine and the guy who owns it. I'm loving it; the other model is so lovely and the guy who owns it likes Game of Thrones which obviously means he's cool haha. I had half an hour to get settled before I was picked up by Chic's driver and taken to the agency to meet everyone. Next I was driven to three castings, a job in the afternoon, set up with a phone card and travel card. It was great, I was learnt loads about the city and am feeling pretty good about being here. My job finished at 5pm so I didn't get back to the apartment til it was dark. I took some photo's of the sunset as we finished the job. I went for a night time stroll around Bondi and found some dinner. And that was my first day haha. 


P.s. Some cool posts coming from my last week in Auckland too!


Sick Sydney Sick

I'm sick at the moment so I apologize for the lack of posts. Last week was super busy with work and saving which is always good. I've had an intense weekend as well. On Friday I found out that I'm flying to Sydney to model for a few months next Monday which is so exciting! I've booked my tickets and am trying to get sorted this week while working. I also started to get sick on Friday, lack of sleep I think. I took Rad As Bro to a market Saturday morning and then was just sick in bed for the rest of the day. On Sunday I watched some Water Polo and went bush walking - trying to spend time everyone before I go while doing things I know I'll miss. The walk made me feel a bit better but I'm still a little feverish today. 

Anyway, this is what I wore pretty much the whole weekend haha. I was too lazy and sick to attempt new outfits. I'm going to attempt to take my store to Australia and see if I can keep it going but I'll just play it by ear. 

I thought I'd add some photo's I took a few weeks ago, when I bought this coat on K Road and escaped the rain at this fab cafe. It's in the back of the arcade and has a really cosy atmosphere. My agent/friend introduced it to me a while ago. My friend Ren made the little collage at the end when she was bored at my house haha. Weird but I like it. 

Hope you are all having a splendid day!

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Vintage Wool Coat - Vintage Green Cardigan - Vintage 80s Dress - Vintage Leather Belt - Rad As Bro Necklace - Boots from somewhere in Australia

Today was nice and easy, just one casting where I had to wear a white dress. I've been shattered lately and suffered from Mondayitis ,as my agency called it, because I was late. Oops, won't do it again. I did some house painting for my parents and worked on my business for the rest of the day. Shot these pictures at our local park when I picked up my sister. This is where I usually go for runs, it's pretty swell. I'm obsessed with this 'new' vintage coat I found on K Road for just $20. Stoked. Other than the necklace, I've had the rest for ages. Love a bit of Disney haha. Didn't manage to take any photo's in the weekend so will have to make more of an effort this week, soz cats. 

Dom : )